About Me

I am a mathematics education researcher interested in the teaching and learning of combinatorics. I received my PhD. from Portland State University in 2011 and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I am currently an assistant professor of mathematics education in the Department of Mathematics at Oregon State University.

I created this website as a resource for those who love combinatorics as much as I do.

As a master’s student, I fell in love with combinatorics, especially counting problems. I was fascinated by the fact that counting problems were easy to state but could be surprisingly difficult to solve! Ever since, my professional aspirations were (and still are) to learn as much about the teaching and learning of combinatorics as possible. My current research focuses on undergraduate students’ work on counting problems. Specifically, I have presented a model for students’ combinatorial thinking and have examined the ways in which students utilize sets of outcomes as they count.¬†Click here to view my CV.

I was recently awarded an NSF CAREER award, in which I will study students’ combinatorial thinking in computational contexts.

You can email me at Elise (dot) Lockwood (at) oregonstate (dot) edu.

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