Teaching Resources

This page includes a number of resources for the teaching of combinatorial topics. First, I have included some classroom ideas for practicing teachers, particularly at the K-12 level (for now). Second, there are a number of citations for combinatorics textbooks that might be appropriate for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate course. These books provide excellent resources for any mathematics student interested in becoming a better counter! I hope to expand this page to include other kinds of teaching resources as well.

Classroom ideas connected to articles in practitioner journals

Here are more problems related to the 2012 Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School article “Counting using sets of outcomes,” which can foster the use of systematic listing for middle school students: More problems for middle school students. Please email me at Elise (dot) Lockwood (at) oregonstate (dot) edu for solutions or for more ideas!

In the 2014 Mathematics Teacher article entitled, “Both answers make sense! Using the set of outcomes to reconcile differing answers in counting problems,” I talked about a problem that had two seemingly reasonable answers, one of which resulted in an overcount of the set of outcomes. Click here for a more in-depth discussion of the mathematics behind the Committee Problem.






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